Wednesday, December 16, 2015

1) In Ananda Chants, on “Lord, When in Darkness” & “Seguirò Sempre Te”, the beginning drone note G and the beginning harmonium chord Fm are dissonant.  If you’re playing in a group with both melody and chords, I suggest that either the melody player plays no drone for that first line; or that the chord player plays Cm instead of Fm (guitar, capo 3 Am, vs. Dm)

2) "What are those harmonium notes you play in some videos (e.g., AUM Kali; Come Out of the Darkness, Mother; From Joy I Came, I Want Only Thee), that aren’t drone or melody, but that you kind of tap rhythmically throughout the chant?”  Those are sometimes called “bump notes”, and they’re completely optional.  They just add a nice steady beat that helps folks sing along; especially when you’re playing solo, without any guitar, drum, or kirtals.

3) “How long should I play a chant?”  As long as you feel inspiration!  The sample videos & audios here are just brief snippets to give you an idea of what the melody sounds like.  On your own, you’ll play lots longer.  :)